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Hope never fails


What a comeback. Congratulations – Tiger.. Augusta National 2019 – 5th Masters win.

I vividly recall my wife predicted, he’d be back on top.

What a smile. Encourages all of us.

Our best is still there and the future is worth the anticipation.


I am glad that I can experience many wonderful things, and probably the most profound has been music. I am amazed at the profound ability of musicians and singers and creative audio related artists, to touch hearts and minds.

The technology in my time has taken the potential quality of recorded audio to truly impressive levels, with a variety of media, including streamed.

Ultimately I am amazed at the undisputable inference of this experience to a God who has created so much for us to enjoy.

If Youtube is still available when you read this (an assumption) kindly listen to these recordings by India Arie and Isreal Houghton